A riot of fun - MiraMundo releases a new album

Sofá, the second album of MiraMundo has been released!

A real balkanic party - this was the first Babel Nights in Amsterdam

Guests danced into the late night to captivating, balkan inspired pop and jazz-funk compositions.

Babel Nights comes to Amsterdam

The Babel Nights concert series continues with a first-ever event held in Amsterdam.

Chalaban in Chile and in the Moroccan desert

What happens when a young Moroccan artist arrives in Paris, then falls in love with a Hungarian girl?

Heiða Björg & the Kaos - “Inspiration”

Another exciting collaboration released by the Budapest based Narrator Records. Heida, born in Island, recently moved from Casablanca to Paris. She sings on this record on her native language as well as English, Hebrew and French. Real world music!

The new CD of Amariszi is out now!

The 3rd album of the Balkan beats band from Holland has been released under the title Babel Fish, which remembers the hungarian Babel Sound Festival's feeling. You can hear the Balkan signature, which is cleverly and refreshingly interspersed with pop, reggae and swing.