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Fish In Oil (alternative, jazz-rock)

Fish In Oil performs original instrumental music, colored with a bit of blues, rock and roll, surf, folk, free-jazz, film-music while they avoid being classified under any of these. Their music accurately reflects the time and the region where it comes from: it is an intriguing mixture of the western and eastern cosmology, fusion of history and contemporary life. The first Fish In Oil album was released in 2012 under an associative title, ‘Poluostrvo’ (Peninsula); it consisted of twelve compositions, signed by guitarist Bratislav Radovanović. The band members are well known Serbian musicians. Saxophonist Dušan Petrović is the leader of a Menson Benson sextet, Coxless pair and member of few more Belgrade bands. Bassist Branislav Radojković is a member of the world music band Naked and the leader of a jazz trio Tzotzoonga. Alexandar Radojičić Šojka plays percussion in Amaro del and a few more projects and drummer Fedja Franklin is a member of a Coxless pair, Menson Benson sextet and he is also a session jazz drummer.

Bratislav Radovanović – guitar
Dušan Petrović – saxophones
Branislav Radojković – doublebass
Fedja Franklin – drums
Aleksandar Radojičić – percussion

Web: http://fishinoil.webs.com/