Chalaban in Chile and in the Moroccan desert


What happens when a young Moroccan artist arrives in Paris, then falls in love with a Hungarian girl?

Gleimim, the title of Chalaban's new album ( comes from the nickname of Saïd Tichiti's home town in Morocco, Guelmim. The city lies on the cusp of the desert and is a melting pot of Berber, Arab and African culture. The band was formed in Budapest 20 years ago and combines the traditions of the band members' homeland with music from the Carpathian Basin. Their new album sees a return to their African roots, with the discovery of South Moroccan musical influences which stretch even further south to the Sudan region: it is there that on the album the Moroccan guembri meets the Burkino Faso kora and the Guinean balafon. While the lyrics talk of homesickness, spirituality and love, the music shows traces of desert blues, afrobeat and trance-music.

Saïd Tichiti is the best known Central European musician of Moroccan origin and he is living in Hungary since 1998. Probably the most important thing happened to him recently is the fact, that he is finally recognized in his home country. Moroccan TV made a long documentary film about him. Visiting his hometown, travelling through Morocco and playing with the local musicians, performing in Budapest… This video uses pictures shot during this travel:

Last November the band performed at Visa for Music - an important music festival and showcase, held in Morocco. 2019 had a strong start for Chalaban - they had a 3-week-long tour in Chile.